Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are all rock needs !!!

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are all rock needs !!!
99 % Zeppelin and Floyd Boots


Unfortunately this blog has been maintained by me for several years and the download links are subject to the will of the sites when they are not paid regularly and without any prior information links are taken down. I paid for a long time and had the intention to keep it, but sites doens´t respect as i said and explained. So, this was my contribution for all these years for Zeppelin and Floyd fans and now it´s closed because of the work i have when those sites remove the links and i have to resend files again and again. Thank you for all this time and the thousands of visitors. Best Regards, Reno.



Rapidshare also blocked my account without previous note.

Others do the same !

So, i´m tired !! Reno

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23 December 2009

Led Zeppelin - 1975 05 24 Earl´s Court Physical Rocket (3 MPG files)

Video of good quality 3 CDS, 3 MPEG files
WARNING : If you have downloaded
at mediafire and had a problem with
disk 3 find at the following RAPIDSHARE
link the complete 3 cds and also
the links for the 3rd CD separate.
Download Mediafire
Enjoy and Share, Reno


Anonymous said...

I tried three times to download these mpgs of the May 24, 1975, Earls Court concert, but the third mpg will not extract due to file errors. Mediafire is fast to get files from, but often causes this low-level corruption to files.

Although virtually all of this concert can be downloaded via YouTube and other sources in short flv segments, I would prefer to get the third mpg here. The material has already been over-encoded, it would help to have the same material throughout in order to attempt some enhancement-corrective editing of the audio and video elements of the recording.

Renô said...

Hello .. i´m having a lot of problems with mediafire.
All files i uploaded there , i had to do again to rapidshare. This will be another one !
Pls, if you like the Blog, sign as a follower. Nothing from me will be sent.
Will post a new link with when UP to rapidshare is done !
First, will just upload the parts in separeted links .
Thanks, Reno

Renô said...

See explanation at the file.

Anonymous said...

Much appreciated. Very recently began learning how to extract tracks from copy-protected Blu-Ray discs, the Zeppelin Song Remains the Same (Avax Russian Rip) version being my test-trial material (has bonus tracks Celebration Day, Over the Hills, etc.).
Can't make any promises on any date if ever, but might be able to transload to you after I figure out how to convert to a high quality avi or mp4 from the m2ts files.

Tom (Canada)

Renô said...

Welcome TOM ,

I´ll wait for that version you are
testing the way or how to do it.
I can say that i´m not familiar to
anything concerning to Blu-Ray and
would appreciate to see and get
it. I don´t post here anything official, original, but for me , for my use of course i have some videos, cds ! Let me know when you´re done pls !
Cheers ,
Reno (Brazil)

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